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Yellow Devils Ephedra Supplement Review, Ingredients & Side Effects

Yellow DevilsYellow Devils are one of many ephedra products found online today, advertised as “The World’s Hottest Fat Burner.”

This supplement is sold by American Generic Labs and is promoted as a powerful combination helping dieters who may have had trouble sticking to diets in the past.

Yellow Devils is purported to suppress the appetite so that users feel less hungry throughout the day. This supplement is also said to help users adopt new eating and exercise habits, improve mood and increase energy.

The manufacturers further tout increased fat burning during exercise, better general health and say that this product “will energize and supercharge your weight loss plan.”

How are Yellow Devils different from the ephedra supplements that were banned in the United States in 2004? Such supplements have been popular in the US and around the world since the 1970s, despite their often contentious and controversial reputation.

This product is unique because it contains ephedra extract without any of the illegal ephedrine alkaloids. Instead, it replaced these alkaloids with other ingredients designed to promote the same fat burning mechanisms. Click here to buy ephedra supplements online legally without a prescription.

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Yellow Devils Product Description

Yellow Devils ephedra is manufactured by American Generic Labs (AGL). They’re primarily marketed to provide energy for weight loss. The basic ingredients found in Yellow Devils includes 25 mg ephedra extract (from the leaves of the ephedra plant) combined with 300 mg of caffeine.

The caffeine jolt alone is enough to promote energy for some, but what else is in the product that rises it above others commonly found on the market?

Additional ingredients in the Yellow Devils ephedra product include a proprietary blend offering 560 mg combined of:

  • The above-mentioned ephedra extract (25 mg) and caffeine anhydrous (300 mg)
  • Bitter Orange extract (citrus aurantium, standardized for 3 mg of synephrine)
  • Kola Nut extract (seed)
  • Capsicum annun
  • Acacia rigidula extract (leaves)
  • Eleutheroccus senticosus (root)
  • Phenylethylamine HCl
  • Theopbromine anhydrous (tried, powdered form)
  • Quebracho extract (bark)

Some of the ingredients in Yellow Devils may be more familiar than others.

Those interested in Yellow Devils, or any other ephedra product that contains a list of ingredients, should take the time to research those ingredients to determine whether they’re actually beneficial for weight loss or energy-producing goals. You can also determine if they’re just used as fillers or, as can be the case, to create a more impressive sounding product than it actually is.

For example, the Capsicum annun is a classification of peppers, including cayenne, often reputed to be a natural herb that may aid in weight loss, most especially by its suppressing the appetite, speeding up metabolic processes, and aiding in calorie burn.

A number of studies have been performed on capsaicin – the component that gives certain peppers their spiciness. The component has been noted to temporarily induce effects.

In one study, effects of oral ingestion of a capsaicin or rich hot pepper extract peaked at 45 minutes, but at 60 minutes was not detectable because it’s so rapidly metabolized by the liver. [1] It may have a slight influence on increased metabolism.

Kola Nut extract is mostly known for its caffeine-type stimulant effects, again temporary in nature.

Eleutheroccus senticosus (root) – otherwise known as a Siberian ginseng – is perceived by many to have the ability to enhance endurance and stamina during intense activity. It has been used in Chinese medical practices for thousands of years as a traditional “pick-me-up” component that inhibits fatigue.

Few verifiable and controlled studies on the actual effects of such claims have been conducted. It may provide some anti-inflammatory benefits as well as some ability to burn or oxidize fat during exercise, but again, effects are temporary.

One such study was very small (nine males) and short in nature (eight weeks) and involved fit men who regularly exercise. The study did show improved endurance and increased heart rate. [2]

When reviewing components of ingredients, remember that no substance will do all the work by itself. Most manufacturers of energy-enhancing and weight-loss products do strongly recommend attention to and the importance of following an adequate and nutritionally balanced diet and amounts and intensity of exercise for optimal benefits.

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Expectations and Results

As with any dietary or weight loss supplement, or even energy-enhancing products, individual results vary based on a number of factors that include age, weight, diet, exercise and exercise intensity, among others.

A few small studies have been conducted that may be applicable to some of the ingredients found in ephedra products like Yellow Devils. In most however, any benefits of modest weight loss are temporary in nature. No studies have determined the sustainability of weight loss over a six-month period.

American Generic Labs markets their product as enhancing:

  • Energy and stamina
  • Fat-burning potential (during exercise)
  • Improved health and mood

It’s also promoted as an effective appetite suppressant, which is designed to encourage weight loss by curbing cravings for junk food.

However, athletes and bodybuilders and even those desiring weight-loss tend to stay away from junk food, eat an adequate and nutritious diet, and engage in adequate levels and intensity of exercise for weight loss – without appetite suppressants and some risks posed by such products.

The product is not intended to work all by itself, but used in combination with changes in lifestyle, dietary, and exercise habits that promotes new attitudes and behaviors. Such changes have the potential to offer long-term weight loss management success.

Reviews by previous users of Yellow Devils are mixed, as is common. Some state that it worked great and others complained that “nothing happened”. Others commented about the side effects associated with them, including dizziness and a racing heartbeat.

A number of studies on caffeine have shown that – at certain milligram strengths – caffeine does have the potential to boost metabolism, but the efficacy of the other products included in Yellow Devils ingredients are lacking in scientific research.

The jolt of caffeine in the pill (300 mg), is quite a bit more than the average 95 mg found in one cup of brewed coffee. Still, for some users, the strength of the caffeine anhydrous, combined with the other ingredients, only produced extreme jitteriness and heart palpitations, which prompted many to avoid intense exercise after taking.

Cost of Yellow Devils is also a concern for many, averaging $60 for 100 capsules. Some stated that due to the high price, the product isn’t worth it. It can be found at a lower price, approximately $50, but it depends on sellers.

Because one tablet is recommended as a serving size daily, it may be better suited to experienced users of ephedrine tablets rather than for beginners, who may be more sensitive to the combinations of caffeine and ephedra extract, plus the other components.

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Dosage and Usage Recommendations

According to the label of Yellow Devils, the suggested serving size is one capsule a day. The manufacturer cautions against taking more than the recommended dose to avoid side effects.

This label suggests taking first thing in the morning with a large glass of water. It is promoted to work with any kind of diet program.

Dosage and recommendations for use also depend on the species of ephedra found in any ephedra product. Many supplement product labels don’t mention the species of ephedra used in their proprietary blends.

You should not assume that one capsule of an ephedra supplement sold by one company will work the same way or contain the same ingredients analysis as a capsule sold by another company.

Two products that both contain 25 mg of generic ephedra extract may have very different efficacies for weight loss. They may be produced in different ways and contain different concentrations of alkaloid.

The Ephedra sinica species (more commonly known as Chinese Ma Huang ephedra) is more potent than the species of the ephedra plant found in the U.S. (Ephedra viridis – otherwise known as Mormon tea, and other species.

However, this species cannot be used in dietary supplements because it contains ephedrine alkaloids. These alkaloids have been banned for use in fat loss supplement and diet pills due to their risk of side effects.

In addition, the portion of the plant used in the products can also have an influence on potency. For example, stems or the roots are considered more potent than the leaves. How the components of the ephedra plant are prepared can also have an influence on potency as well as efficacy.

Are Yellow Devils Legal?

Yellow Devils are legal for sale in the U.S. because they contain ephedra extract without any of the ephedrine alkaloid content. They are not legal in Canada because the ephedra extract is not allowed in dietary supplements.

Since 2004, when ephedra alkaloids were been banned by the Food and Drug Administration, some confusion has reigned in regard to the legality of products containing ephedra extract.

In the U.S., ephedra extract is a legal component of dietary or energy-producing supplements. The alkaloids ephedrine and pseudoephedrine are not.

In 2005, the ban against all dietary supplements that contain ephedra was reversed, as long as those products didn’t contain more than 10 mg ephedra.

Nevertheless, by 2007, the Supreme Court of the United States upheld the FDA banishment of dietary supplements containing ephedra alkaloids due to the risk of illness or injury, most specifically because individuals were using higher dosages than recommended.

This was based on over 15,000 reported incidents of adverse reactions as well as lack of evidence that supported claims of efficacy regarding ephedra usage. [2]

Potential users should be aware however, that even ephedra alkaloids or use of many stimulant herbal ingredient or over-the-counter as well as prescription strength stimulant is banned by major sporting organizations in countries around the world, and also includes the International Olympic Committee.

Rules and regulations regarding ephedra products and its alkaloids differ by country. The same applies to purchasing and shipping such products across international borders.

What Should I Know about Potential Side Effects?

A number of the ingredients found in Yellow Devils can provide benefits, but those benefits are also associated with certain risks.

For example, a derivative of phenylethylamine, a sympathomimetic compound, is likened to synephrine, a rather potent stimulant found (in small amounts) in citrus fruits. It’s commonly found in dietary and weight-loss supplements as well as energy boosters. This component is also combined with caffeine.

Individuals using products that contain ephedra, caffeine, and any synephrine component should be aware of the risk of negative effects on the cardiovascular system. Such effects may include increased blood pressure and irregular heartbeat.

A 2017 study determined that physical exercise, combined with synephrine and caffeine associated with such dietary supplements can trigger serious heart issues. [4]

Synephrine is defined as a sympathetic adrenergic agonist or trigger that may be used in prescription medications. It can produce some vasodilator effects and as such is also found as a component in a number of nasal decongestants and asthma treatments. [5]

Issues regarding the presence of Acacia rigidula in dietary supplements has also caused some concern among the medical community. This is due to the presence of an amphetamine isomer (beta-methylphenethylamine) – more commonly known as BMPEA.

In products where the BMPEA has been removed, risks to safety are reduced, but many supplements containing the Acacia rigidula do not have the amphetamine-like component removed. Discussions and disagreements regarding the presence of BMPEA in supplements is ongoing. It should be noted that in its natural and unadulterated state, Acacia rigidula is believed not to contain BMPEA.

The FDA is concerned that some components in weight loss or energy-boosting supplements contains dangerous substances that are not listed on the labels. [6]

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration has expressed concern about potential and negative side effects that may be triggered in some individuals with this component, especially combined with the other stimulant-like components in some energy-promoting and weight-loss supplements. [7]

Common side effects associated with Yellow Devils diet pills, per American Generic Labs, include jitteriness or shakiness, an increased sense of anxiety, restlessness, and difficulty sleeping. The labels state that these side effects should disappear as the body grows accustomed to the pills.

Cautions Against Use

Most manufacturers caution use of energy-promoting, weight-loss supplements for any woman who is pregnant or plans to become pregnant, who is nursing, or for individuals diagnosed with any type of medical condition, especially those involving the cardiovascular and metabolic or hormone systems.

Any species of ephedra can contribute to an unexpected and adverse reactions. Even dosages of 32 mg a day have been reported to cause adverse reactions in otherwise healthy individuals.

Any ephedra species may also negatively interact with antidepressants, steroids, and monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs). It is recommended that individuals interested in ephedra or ephedrine and pseudoephedrine consult with their physician prior to usage, especially those who are overweight or obese and seeking rapid and effective weight loss.

Before trying Yellow Devils or any ephedra product be especially aware of ingredients and how each of those ingredients can affect the body. When in doubt, consult with a physician or pharmacist regarding potential side effects so that you know what to watch for.

Yellow Devils are one ephedra-based supplement among dozens found online today. Before considering a purchase, look to the ingredients, read reviews left by previous users, and most importantly, be aware of safety considerations with use.

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