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MetaboThin B56 Ephedra Review: Does It Work for Weight Loss?

MetabothinHow does the MetaboThin B56 ephedra product of today compare to the original Metabolife 356 weight loss supplement formula?

American Generic Laboratories (AGL) MetaboThin’s product is an updated version of one of the most popular diet pills ever released before it was banned by the US FDA in 2004.

While the manufacturers of MetaboThin claim that it is just as good as the original, how can it be if it’s not allowed to contain the same ingredients; mainly its alkaloids ephedrine and pseudoephedrine?

It was these alkaloids in ephedra products that triggered the metabolism-boosting effects that helped with weight loss and energy boosts.

According to the manufacturer, MetaboThin B56’s updated formula contains ephedra extract (without the ephedrine alkaloids) stacked with synephrine. This is another thermogenic herbal ingredient that is purported to have some of the same benefits as ephedrine, but with fewer side effects.

How does AGL MetaboThin work and how does it compare to the results possible with Metabolife 356 pills? Click here to buy ephedra supplements online legally without a prescription.

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MetaboThin B56 Product Overview

MetaboThin B56 is manufactured by American Generic Laboratories (AGL). They market their product as one of the strongest natural weight-loss herbal products on the market today.

MetaboThin was designed to replace the former Metabolife ephedra product. While the ephedrine alkaloids have been removed from MetaboThin, a new component has been added: synephrine – a component of Citrus aurantium or Bitter Orange.

Synephrine triggers stimulative effects on the body, and when combined with caffeine, also found in MetaboThin, may provide certain thermogenic benefits to users.

Metabothin with ephedra markets itself with the ability to promote quick weight loss and ability to maintain high levels of energy, enabling a person to literally burn through calories all day long “as if you were exercising”.

MetaboThin Ingredients

Ingredients found in MetaboThin include a ‘proprietary’ blend of ephedra (10 mg) and:

  • 40 mg caffeine from Guarana seed
  • 25 mg synephrine from the Citrus aurantium
  • plus a number of herbs including ginger root, Damiano leaf, nettles leaf, green tea extract, Yohimbe extract, and Royal Jelly

The entire proprietary blend of the ingredients provides 730 mg overall of stimulants and fat burning agents.

The herbal ingredients also mentioned on the product label have long been used for their natural appetite suppressant and energy-boosting potential, but of course, with a balanced diet and adequate amounts of exercise.

The product also contains various amounts of vitamins and minerals including vitamin E, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and chromium.

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Benefits of MetaboThin Ephedra Usage

MetaboThin is marketed and promoted to produce a number of benefits for users. Among them:

  • Boost metabolism
  • Suppress appetite
  • Promote thermogenesis
  • Enhances energy

Thermogenesis defines the body’s process of producing heat (generating thermic activity), which is purported to cause excess energy to be used by the body.

This process should not be confused with lipolysis, or fat breakdown and metabolism. Thermogenesis does produce heat in the body, which can contribute to accelerated calorie burn, but the results between individuals differs greatly depending on muscle to fat ratios.

A number of processes in the body generate heat, including the formation of energy through the breakdown of foods into calories, or units of energy that are used by the body for numerous functions.

Very few studies conducted to date have resulted in significant and consistent results in dietary supplements promoting thermogenesis for fat loss. Some fat loss is possible with increased thermogenesis and resulting metabolic functions in the body, although long-term results have not been determined.

Most users continue to take ephedra-based diet pills because of their psychoactive effects. These supplements are purported to increase motivation, focus, alertness, mental drive and the desire to be active.

Users often feel that the higher energy levels possible with these supplements can enable them to work out harder. Others may notice themselves fidgeting more or becoming more restless, which can also contribute to Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT).

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What About Recommendations for Use?

Recommendations for use of MetaboThin B56 is to take one capsule three times daily, preferably with food and water.

The label states that the maximum recommended dosage of the product for a healthy adult is 30 mg in a 24-hour time span, but not to be used for more than 12 weeks.

A warning label does state that exceeding recommended usage can contribute to a number of serious side effects and adverse health events.

User Reviews and Experiences

Feedback and comments from previous users of MetaboThin extol its benefits for the most part, but it’s difficult to determine whether some of the feedback is left by actual users or are merely paid reviews.

Look for reviews that are balanced, because very few products on the market today will achieve the highest ranking in regard to feedback and customer satisfaction all around.

Most reviews regarding MetaboThin do claim some effects in boosting energy and in suppressing hunger. Some experienced jitters due to the stimulative effect, while some didn’t.

Some claim that it works well for the first few days, but then larger dosages are required to maintain earlier benefit. Many stimulants produce a “tolerance” effect whereby the body becomes less sensitive with continued use.

To counteract the tolerance, some individuals report taking up to five or six capsules a day to provide the energy and to suppress food cravings, which of course, goes against the recommendations for safe use.

Safety Issues

MetaboThin B56 does have the potential to cause some side effects due to its stimulative ingredients, herbal components, and blends.

It is strongly recommended that any individual diagnosed with a medical complication including cardiovascular, metabolic, or hormonal, use with caution. This also applies to those taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs to treat the condition. Consult a physician prior to taking any ephedra-based product.

Some of the most common side effects associated with ephedra products (even without the ephedrine alkaloids) can be triggered by the other stimulating ingredients that have been substituted for the ephedrine and other alkaloids commonly found in more potent species at the ephedra plant.

Among the most common side effects, which can be temporary in nature or last longer, depending on individual sensitivity:

  • Headaches
  • Upset stomach, nausea, or vomiting
  • A sense of jitteriness, or fine hand tremors caused by the stimulative components
  • An increased sense of anxiety or nervousness
  • Heart palpitations
  • Racing heart

Because of the central nervous system stimulants already found in MetaboThin (including caffeine), users should avoid adding additional caffeine sources to their daily diet including coffee, caffeinated sodas, or other foods that promote caffeine-like effects, including chocolate.

Any individual alarmed by certain side effects is recommended to stop taking the product and consult with a physician, especially if those side effects involve the cardiovascular system.


While MetaboThin may certainly provide some benefits to some users, it won’t work by itself. Optimal fat loss results also require dieting and exercise.

Research the ingredients found on the MetaboThin ingredient label, and look to online and reputable medical sources for information about how these components work in the body; how they may affect how you feel; as well as their potential to actually provide the results you’re looking for.

MetaboThin B56 may work for some without any side effects, but for others, the side effects and results may differ greatly.

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