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Ephedrine in Michigan Legal Status – Is it Legal to Buy in Stores?

Ephedrine in MichiganWhat is the legal status of ephedrine pills in Michigan and do you need a prescription to obtain this medication?

Ephedrine is an active ingredient in a number of asthma medications and cold remedies. It is also used off-label by bodybuilders and athletes to boost energy and promote fat loss.

If you want to buy ephedrine products in Michigan, you should be aware of both federal and state laws governing the sale of this ingredient. While this drug can be purchased without a prescription, its sale is heavily regulated.

Limitations regarding the amount that can be purchased per day and in a 30-day period apply. Those breaking the law could face criminal charges. Sales of ephedrine pills are also tracked and anyone purchasing the drug will have to present photo ID.

In this article, we will review the status and regulations that apply to ephedrine purchases as well as its legal status for residents of Michigan. Click here to buy ephedra supplements online legally without a prescription.

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Ephedrine in Michigan

The purchase of ephedrine in Michigan doesn’t require a prescription, but this over-the-counter drug is heavily regulated. Access to it is controlled to prevent any one individual from buying too much.

Ephedrine is the active chemical ingredient found in the Ephedra Sinica herb. It has sympathomimetic properties and is commonly abused for athletic performance enhancement, weight loss and as an appetite suppressant.

While this natural plant alkaloid is considered FDA approved for the treatment of asthma and bronchial spasms, it is not approved as a diet aid or weight loss drug. Ephedrine poses a high risk of side effects and has been banned from dietary supplements.

In Michigan, Ephedrine is defined as a Schedule V controlled substance unless it is properly labeled distributed for legitimate medical purposes.

It must not be advertised, marketed, or labeled for any type of appetite control, weight loss, muscle enhancement, or energy promoting purposes.

In order for a product containing ephedrine to avoid classification as a Schedule V substance, the products must adhere to at least one of the following stipulations:

  • Provided in a solid dosage form and combines active ingredients that are not less than 400 mg guaifenesin and not more than 25 mg of ephedrine per dose.
  • Blister packs shall not contain more than two tablets or caplets per blister
  • Comes in anorectal preparation that do not exceed 5% ephedrine

The reason for requiring these product specification is to avoid the introduction of pure ephedrine pills in the marketplace. In addition to their high risk of side effects, use of pure ephedrine HCL or ephedrine sulfate is required in the production of the illegal controlled substance methamphetamine.

Additional information and details regarding such stipulations can be found under the Michigan Legislature’s website and the list of Michigan compiled laws by chapter.Such laws include Section 28.128 as well as Sections 333.7220 to 333.17766f. [1]

Such laws cover selling, providing to someone under 18 years of age, the selling and distribution of ephedrine as well as prohibitions and exceptions to the laws.

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Purchasing Ephedrine in Stores

The sale of Ephedrine in Michigan is legal as an over-the-counter medication for approved health conditions. Products containing this ingredient are available from a number of retailers, grocery stores pharmacies and drug stores.

Purchasers should be prepared to show valid government issued identification when making their purchase and to have their name and date of birth recorded in a cental database.

It is unlawful for retailers to sell ephedrine and/or pseudoephedrine-containing products to anyone who has been convicted of a methamphetamine related offense.

Such offenses are noted in the National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx) – a log that all pharmacists and retailers are required to maintain regarding sales of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine products in Michigan.

Sales limitations on single transactions are for two (2) personal convenience packages that contain two capsules or tablets each of any product, with a daily sales limit of 3.6 g and a 30-day sales limit of 9 g.

The purchaser will also be required to sign the transaction log at the time of sale.

Consumers should be aware that basic information must be included in this log of transactions including name, date of sale, contact information as well as date of birth of the buyer, and verification of identification used. This may include driver’s license numbers.

This information will be recorded and shared with other participants in the National Precursor Log Exchange program. There can be penalties for anyone who tries to buy more than the allowed amount of ephedrine-based medications.

Know the limitations for sales to avoid legal ramifications including charges of misdemeanors or felony charges or fines.

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Ephedra Diet Pills in Michigan

Is it legal to buy ephedra weight loss supplements in Michigan? Ephedra is the plant extract from which ephedrine is derived.

In the 1980s and 1990s, ephedra supplements were the most widely sold products for fat loss, pre-workout energy and appetite suppression. Due to the ephedrine content in these supplements, they could promote a faster metabolic rate and support weight loss.

However, these products quickly became associated with an unacceptable risk of side effects and serious adverse reactions. The FDA noted over 1,000 cases of dangerous side effects including heart attacks, seizures and strokes.

As a result, in 2004 they ruled to ban the sale of ephedrine as an ingredient in dietary supplements. This means that it is no longer legal to sell weight loss supplements in the United States that contain ephedrine.

However, this ruling created an exception for ephedra products that do not contain ephedrine alkaloids. Not all species of the ephedra plant contain this phytochemical. For example, those species that are native to the United States (i.e. Mormon Tea or Ephedra Nevadensis) have low ephedrine content.

Ephedra extract supplements that do not contain ephedrine alkaloids are legal in the United States and in Michigan. They can be sold for weight loss, as energy enhancers and to support physical activity.

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