Want to Get Ephedrine for Sale Online? READ THIS FIRST [Important]

Ephedrine for SaleBefore looking for ephedrine for sale, know what it is, how it works, what to expect in regard to efficacy, and about safety.

Legalities regarding ephedrine usage in products differs around the world and even within a country’s states and provinces.

Determining efficacy, results, and achieving goals depends on not only milligram strength of ephedrine found in the product, but other ingredients as well.

It’s often difficult to find ephedrine for sale from a number of online venues. However, it depends on geographical location. Why?

In the United States, two primary alkaloids of ephedra – ephedrine and pseudoephedrine – are banned by the Food and Drug Administration. In other countries, such as Canada, the ephedrine alkaloids are legal to have in supplements, but the ephedra extract is not, nor allowed in supplements.

A person looking for ephedrine for sale, therefore, may find more product options in Canada or other foreign countries than in the U.S., but rules regulations differ greatly from one country to another, and as in the United States, from one state to another.

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Where Can You Find Ephedrine for Sale?

Ephedrine is found in a number of over-the-counter and prescription strength medications, mainly recommended in the treatment of allergies. Ephedrine is found as an effective component of many prescription-strength, brand-name and generic decongestants.

One of the more popular decongestant brands that contains ephedrine is Bronkaid, where the ephedrine sulfate is only available from a pharmacy and requires an ID to purchase it, but not necessarily a doctor’s script or prescription.

In today’s environment, a number of online stores and manufacturers have created a replacement to ephedrine – ephedra extract from different species of the plant. These extracts are available in a variety of ingredient blends and milligram strengths. This means different results as well as side effects.

They’re not all created equal. Read labels carefully.

Among the most common sources where a potential user can find ephedrine for sale, is online. Simply type in “ephedrine for sale” and you’ll find pages of sources. Among the most common include:

Popular Ephedrine Products and Component Ingredients

A huge number of products containing ephedrine for sale come in different milligram strengths, and with different ingredients. One of the above-listed ephedrine sellers markets 25 mg pharmaceutical grade formula ephedrine diet pills. The list of ingredients includes but is not limited to:

  • 25 mg Ephedrine (marketed as 100% pure pharmaceutical grade of ephedrine)
  • 300 mg Citrus aurantium (bitter Orange 6% Synephrine)
  • 100 mg Forskolin (Coleus forskohlii 20% forskolin extract)
  • 500 mg Super citramax (HCA) Garcinia Cambogia extract
  • 200 mg Capsicum annuum (cayenne extract)
  • 228 mg Guarana (22% standardized extract)

It also contains various milligram strengths of a number of amino acids, green tea extract, Yerba Mate extract, Yohimbe HCl and kola nut extracts.

Products like these, containing not only ephedrine, but other ingredients designed to stimulate the nervous and cardiovascular system may certainly prove effective for those looking for weight loss, but safety is always an issue.

While 25 mg ephedrine may not seem very potent, it can be, especially for those sensitive to its effects. The same holds true with the combination of the other ingredients, including the caffeine found in green tea as well as the synephrine component of the Bitter Orange – both commonly found in ephedra and ephedrine products.

Other products contain small milligram strengths of ephedrine as well as larger milligram strength of other ingredients (like caffeine or Bitter Orange) designed to boost its stimulative effect on numerous functions of the central and sympathetic nervous systems.

Other popular “ephedrine” products don’t contain the ephedrine alkaloid per se, but contain larger milligram strengths of the ephedra base, with the ephedrine and pseudoephedrine alkaloids removed.

Note: It is practically impossible for a common user to determine the honesty and/or truth regarding ingredients mentioned in the ingredient labels short of having the components tested in a chemical laboratory. There are some unscrupulous sellers, looking for ephedrine sale benefits, that market a number of products as ephedrine-free, even if they aren’t.

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Popular Ephedra Products Promoting Accelerated Weight Loss and Energy Boosting Effects

As mentioned, each ephedra product contains different ingredients, some more potent than others, especially when combined with the other ingredients. Even products that contain ephedrine often contain additional stimulants.

For example, the Green Stinger, a 27 mg ephedra extract product, contains another potent fat burning ingredient known as Citrus aurantium or Bitter Orange (170 mg, Synephrine extract 30%). It also contains other ingredients including pure White Willow Bark extract (300 mg). White willow bark extract is used in a number of ephedra products today as a substitute for aspirin.

Other ingredients found in the Green Stinger include Theobroma CoCoa, green tea extract, and a proprietary blend of three different types of Yohimbine for energy; 11 hydroxy Yohimbine, Alpha Yohimbine11, and Yohimbine HCL.

Each of these ingredients, in addition to others found on the ingredient supplement facts label, are designed to promote energy and heat (thermogenesis), which in turn is believed to increase metabolism, and thereby, weight loss.

The Yellow Bullet Ephedra product, manufactured by Delta Health Products, contains 25 mg of Ephedra nevadensis. In addition to the 25 mg ephedra extract dosage, this product also contains 300 mg of caffeine anhydrous (simply a dried, powdered form of caffeine) as well as the 925 mg proprietary blend that includes the ephedra extract, phenylethylamine HCL, Nettle Root extract, Yohimbine HCL and Synephrine caprylate.

Bodybuilders and athletes and nonprofessional users including those simply looking for fast weight loss don’t tend to examine every ingredient found in fat burning and energy boosting products that contain ephedra extract. The same applies to ephedrine alkaloids. They want the product to work and that’s it. However, knowing and understanding how the ingredients work as well as their limitations for helping a person achieve a specific goal is vital.

Here’s where things can get a little bit tricky. When purchasing the Chinese medical herbal plant (Ma Huang), especially from foreign providers and specifically in Asia, a number of the primary stimulants including ephedrine and pseudoephedrine may still be contained in that product.

Note: Ephedrine is potent and can affect a number of body systems and functions. Before use, be aware of not only its beneficial effects in regard to either energy boosting potential or fat-burning possibilities, but it’s potentially dangerous side effects on the body.

Ephedrine – What Is It and Where Does It Come from?

Ephedrine, at its most basic description, is one of the two primary alkaloids found in the ephedra plant. In medical scenarios, ephedrine has long been used in bronchodilator products and as a decongestant.

While ephedrine is not listed as a controlled substance, it is nevertheless banned in products in many countries around the world. It’s also banned by most sporting organizations including the International Olympic Committee and is a banned substance of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Ephedrine is found in most of the Ephedra family of plants, but the most common in Chinese medical practice, is the sinica species. This species is typically used in Chinese medicine (with a history dating back thousands of years in traditional Chinese medical practices) and was- and continues to be – used to treat a number of symptoms of lung conditions including shortness of breath, a feeling of tightness in the chest, and other negative side effects of bronchial asthma.

Today, ephedrine takes on a number of forms including powder, but it’s most commonly found in capsules in supplement form. The portion of the ephedra plant or shrub that’s commonly used in creating ephedrine or ephedra extract products are the stems and leaves, which are dried and powdered.

Other, purer forms of ephedra are also available in the form of a loose tea, more commonly known as Ma Huang, used to create Ma Huang tea.

Another species of ephedra indigenous to the south and southwest of the United States is ephedra viridis. The brews made from this plant species is more commonly known as Mormon Tea, Squaw Tea, or Cowboy Tea. The American species of ephedra are less potent than the Chinese (Ma Huang ephedra).

Note: The ephedra species in the U.S., primarily the viridis and the nevadensis species, are toxic to livestock.

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Mechanism of Action

Ephedrine and pseudoephedrine (the two most common alkaloids found in the ephedra plant), are known for their powerful stimulative effects on the central nervous system.

They also have an influence on metabolism and cardiovascular function. In fact, when taken in higher dosages, most users of an ephedrine product will commonly mention one of its most common side effects: jitteriness, or trembling hands and accelerated heart rate.

Ephedrine functions much like phenylpropanolamine, an appetite control drug (which also happens to be banned in the United States). This type of chemical component is more commonly known as norephedrine

Today, ephedra extract, ephedrine, and pseudoephedrine alkaloids are commonly used to provide athletes with a boost of energy. Dieters seeking faster weight loss also look to stores offering ephedrine for sale to reach their goals.

Ephedra and its alkaloids have a short half-life in regard to their length of activity, which lasts between two to three hours for most. This short-term boost in energy is limited in the metabolism it may boost, depending on individual factors.

The same applies to weight loss. Ephedrine – in regard to weight loss – is typically most effective for an individual who already has a lean body weight and may need to lose a few pounds.

Does ephedrine and ephedra extract work? Quite simply, yes, it does provide many of the benefits that dieters and athletes are looking for, but dosage, frequency of use, and other contributing factors such as lifestyle, height vs. weight, diet, and exercise, may also have an influence on results.

Usage and Dosage

Recommendations for use as well as dosages of products containing ephedrine for sale will depend on the product itself. Naturally, higher milligram strengths of an ephedra extract or one of its alkaloids, will recommend fewer servings.

A lower dosage may recommend more. It’s important for anyone purchasing ephedrine for sale to carefully read the information provided in regard to the milligram strength of the ephedrine alkaloids, or for those using an ephedra extract.

In most cases, ephedrine for sale typically ranges between 5 mg and 25 mg of the ephedrine alkaloids. Of course, different manufacturers in countries where ephedrine is still legal may exceed these milligram strengths.

When it comes to ephedrine found in oral capsules or powders, any form should be taken at the lowest dosage possible for benefits. In the medical environment, it is recommended that dosages do not exceed 32 mg per day. Going over this dosage may dramatically increase the risk of stroke caused by bleeding or hemorrhage in the brain. [1]

Ephedrine Results

Because ephedrine has the potential to accelerate the availability of fuel, and therefore increase metabolism and fat burning potential, some turn to it as the “end-all” or “miracle drug” that will provide them with the weight loss and energy benefits they covet.

Several studies involving stimulative lipid metabolism and energy producing effects have been conducted, but most are a relatively small in regard to the number of subjects involved as well as the trial length.

One study did find the stimulating specifically target genes associated in lipid metabolism and did show some effect on subcutaneous adipose tissue (in obese individuals). [2]

Another study attempted to determine not only the efficacy, but the overall safety of using products like ephedra extract and ephedrine for enhanced athletic performance as well as weight loss.

The results?

Insufficient evidence supporting ephedra in enhancing athletic performance and very minimal and short-term weight loss as opposed to increased risks of gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, autonomic, as well as psychiatric side effects. [3]

What about ECA Stacks?

ECA stacks are popular among bodybuilders, and purchasing ephedrine for sale in this form is relatively common in those countries where ephedrine continues to be legal.

The ECA stands for ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin.

These products, more commonly known as fat burners or super energy burners, can contain as much as 300 mg of caffeine (and more) in addition to the ephedrine/ephedra extract components. Some contain a low-dose baby aspirin (approximately 81 mg), while others may contain a stronger milligram strength of aspirin.

Most commonly, ephedrine found in an ECA stack ranges 20 mg to 24 mg, taken several times a day. In some studies, ephedrine alone has been shown to provides stimulative effects at doses ranging 20 mg and 50 mg three times a day.

However, taking a high milligram dosage of (some take as much as 150 mg a day) can trigger some rather unpleasant side effects, which can be exacerbated by the inclusion of caffeine and other herbal products designed for their stimulative effect.

Because many individuals are sensitive to aspirin and it is considered a blood thinner (cardiac patients are often recommended to take 81 mg baby aspirin daily to facilitate anti-blood clotting potential) other herbal ingredients are often substituted for the aspirin.

White Willow Bark is one, known as a natural analgesic or pain reliever. Fish oil is another common ingredient substituted for the aspirin component.

When it comes to ECA stacks, potential users should be aware that combining more than one stimulant in one product can dramatically increase the risk of possible side effects and adverse reactions. That can include herbs such as Bitter Orange, Yohimbine, or any herbal product that triggers a caffeine-like stimulative effect on the body.

Side Effects of Ephedrine

No article on ephedra extract, ephedrine for sale, or any milligram strength of the two would be complete without offering a mention of the potential for side effects. Not every person who uses ephedrine or an ephedrine extract product will experience side effects. However, many do.

Among the most common side effects of ephedrine and ephedra extracts:

  • Jitteriness – trembling of the hands, or an effect of muscle agitation throughout the body, some describing it as feeling like “jumping out of their skin”.
  • Headaches – some are mild and transitory while others are more severe. Some of these headaches can trigger migraines.
  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea (previous users recommend taking any fat burner or energy boosting product with food, and drink plenty of water).
  • Difficulty sleeping – because it is stimulative effect, previous users suggest that those using any ephedra extract or ephedrine or pseudoephedrine products not take a dosage after two or three o’clock in the afternoon. Even so, some users complain of restlessness, inability to go to sleep, and for some, insomnia.
  • Lack of appetite – several of the components in many ephedra extract products and ephedrine for sale act as an appetite suppressant. This will definitely contribute to a lack of appetite or desire to eat.

The lack of appetite can prove troublesome for bodybuilders and athletes whose high levels of exercise or activity require increased nutritional and caloric intake.

A number of more severe side effects are also possible, depending on the person’s sensitivity to the ephedrine or ephedra extract. If any of the following symptoms or situations occur, it is strongly recommended that the individuals seek medical help and guidance.

  • Tachycardia – accelerated heart rate or a racing heart, or an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) that lasts for more than a few minutes should be looked into. While ephedra extract and ephedrine do cause an accelerated heart rate, this activity can contribute to increased and detrimental demands on the heart muscle over time. When taken longer than recommended, this demand on the body’s cardiovascular system can trigger damage to the heart. This can include hypertension (high blood pressure), potential heart attack, and possibly stroke.
  • Metabolic dysfunction. Because ephedrine and ephedra extract products have an influence on energy production and utilization, there is also the potential for influencing glucose (blood sugar) levels. Any person who even suspects or has been diagnosed as prediabetic, or potentially diabetic (or has been diagnosed), as well as those dealing with any kind of hormonal or metabolic disorder, should avoid.
  • Overstimulation of the central, sympathomimetic, and peripheral nervous system. Overstimulation of any aspect of the central nervous system may trigger undesired and dangerous side effects and adverse reactions.

Contraindications and Warnings against Use

Some individuals should stay away from any ephedra extract or ephedrine products, whether they’re on sale or not, and whether they’re marketed to promote results you’re looking for.

Ephedrine, ephedra extract, and other components found in ephedrine for sale products have the potential to severely interact with prescription as well as simple over-the-counter medications, including herbal or natural dietary supplements.

Among the few mentioned in clinical studies and medical journals include:

  • Any drug taken for a liver condition. Ephedrine/ephedra extract does have the potential to interfere with the bioavailability of drugs and the ability to filter certain drugs and interfere with liver enzyme production. This can contribute to life-threatening situations.
  • Antidepressants (monoamine oxidase inhibitors/MAOIs)
  • Diuretics
  • Aspirin
  • Hormones
  • Drugs being taken to treat high cholesterol
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs (prescription or over-the-counter
  • Other weight-loss medications (over-the-counter or prescription based)


Bottom line: No, it’s not particularly difficult to find ephedrine for sale, especially outside of the United States. As far as medical professionals are concerned, products containing ephedrine were banned for a reason.

While many continue to scoff at the warnings, any individual considering a purchase of ephedrine for sale online from domestic or foreign sources should use with caution.

It is not recommended that any woman who is pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breast-feeding use the product. Anyone diagnosed with a medical condition should also use with caution.

Ephedra extracts and manufactures and brands offering ephedrine for sale continue to be very popular, especially among the general public in regard to its potential for weight loss. A key point to remember however, is that weight loss achieved with accelerated results stimulated by ephedrine are short-term and nature.

Anyone purchasing ephedrine for sale for weight loss, let alone the energy boosting effect, should always combine use (at the lowest safest dosage for results) with a balanced and nutritious diet as well as adequate amounts of exercise and intensity.

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