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Ephedra Warehouse Review, Coupons and Product Guide

Ephedra Warehouse is one of the largest online retailers that specializes in carrying ephedra-based dietary supplements, fat burners and thermogenic agents.

This company is based in Memphis, Tennessee and ships products around the world. Their website contains a large selection of weight loss supplements including ECA stacks, pre-workout supplements, appetite suppressants as well as some ephedra-free fat burners.

Are these ephedra supplements actually legal? While many people think that ephedra was banned in the United States, this is not quite true. Ephedra is the name of a plant genus that contains many different species.

Only certain components of certain species of ephedra plant were banned, specifically the ephedrine and pseudoephedrine alkaloids. These are two natural plant chemicals that are produced in the Ephedra Sinica (Ma Huang) herb as well as select other species.

Ephedrine diet pills were made illegal in the United States in 2004 because this ingredient was found to pose a significant risk to health and even resulting in some fatalities when it was used in high dosages.

However, ephedra supplements that have had the ephedrine content removed are considered legal and pose less of a safety risk. They can still be effective for weight loss, so long as other ingredients are added to make up the difference.

Ephedra Warehouse carries many different formulations of these ephedra-based supplements from low-dosage products ideal for females to high potency stacks used by bodybuilders and athletes. Click here to buy ephedra supplements online legally without a prescription.

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Ephedra Warehouse Review

No Ephedra Warehouse Review would be complete without mentioning the wide range of products they sell. Their name implies their primary product: ephedra. Among their products they include:

  • Ephedra diet pills
  • Ephedra ECA stack products
  • Fat burners
  • Pre-workout products

Their home page is well organized and easy to navigate with a number of tabs that take consumers to specific products such as:

  • Best-sellers
  • New products
  • Featured items

In addition, the home page also provides easy access to a number of ephedra products based on ephedra milligram strength such as:

  • 10 mg
  • 25 mg
  • 27 mg
  • 50 mg and up

Their products are all accompanied by images of the label, and most provide ability to access the ingredients labels as well. Each product prevalently displays consumer rating on a star-based system as well as visible pricing and whether items are in stock, discontinued, or currently not for sale.

In addition, consumers are able to search for products based on manufacturer as well as price ranges. They also provide a listing and images of discontinued items, some based on low ratings, others which have been discontinued or taken off the market for various reasons.

You can find a few Ephedra Warehouse coupon offers online from sites such as:

  • Coupons.com
  • Retailmenot.com
  • Dealspot.com

Such Ephedra Warehouse coupon offers can save anywhere from 10% to 75% off Ephedra Warehouse products.

The Ephedra Warehouse website also provides information on new products, as well as established products and information about ephedra, ephedrine, how it’s used, and about stacks on their blog. However, it should be noted that the blog has not been updated since January 2014.

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Most Popular Ephedra Warehouse Products

While products are constantly discontinued, revised, or introduced, the Ephedra Warehouse Review information for their products are easily accessible. In addition, the website is well maintained, with frequent updates to products such as “Deals of the Day” and prevalent use of sales and discounts.

Reviewing their “Best Sellers”, consumers will find products such as:

Each of these products provides a description, customer reviews, and supplement facts.

Most popular manufacturers listed under “Best Brands” include:

  • Beta Labs
  • Schwartz Laboratories
  • Sports One
  • Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals
  • Innovative Laboratories

Before purchasing any product from Ephedra Warehouse, refer to an Ephedra Warehouse review left by customers. Review supplement facts and if needed, verify ingredients with other websites that also display information regarding ingredient labels on their websites.

The majority of reviews left on the Ephedra Warehouse website are relatively well rounded in regard to product function, but no complaints found about operating processes or the Ephedra Warehouse as a supplier were found upon a relatively cursory review of each of the ephedra products based on milligram strengths.

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Ephedra Warehouse Review: Reputation

The Ephedra Warehouse does have a good reputation for the most part, and provides adequate information on their “About Us” page regarding their operating fundamentals. For example, they offer guaranteed satisfaction and low prices. Contact information is secure and confidential.

They carry a number of brands, which does offer consumers a wide range of product choices. Schwartz Labs products are a top seller on the Ephedra Warehouse website, as it is Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, each offering anywhere between a half a dozen and a dozen products.

Their website plainly states that their physical address, a toll-free telephone number, and their website provides a contact form for questions or issues.

One downside is that the physical address for the Ephedra Warehouse is a UPS store P.O. box; otherwise, the information to contact the company is prevalently displayed throughout the website.

Most of the products that they sell, by different manufacturers, generally receive positive ratings and they do honor any legitimate Ephedra Warehouse coupon as long as it’s not expired.

Prices of products, upon comparison with other online ephedra sellers, are competitive. The Ephedra Warehouse does offer free same-day shipping for orders over $50, beneficial to their customers.

Ephedra Warehouse Review: Customer Service and Operations

Unlike a number of other websites prevalently marketing ephedra products online, Ephedra Warehouse review sources should mention beneficial online services including chat live, telephone number, and e-mail contact.

They do offer a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. However full refunds money shipping charges are only available if products are unopened and in their original package. In cases where the package has been opened, they will exchange the product for one of equal or lesser value or issue a credit on their online store. Any returns must be received within 30 days of their customers purchase date.

Read information regarding shipping and delivery. They do advise international customers that it is possible that packages will be confiscated at international borders, and no refunds on confiscated items will be granted.

The Ephedra Warehouse accepts a number of payment forms including credit cards, money orders, personal and company checks as Wallace cashier checks in US dollars only.

A number of common credit cards are also accepted with no surcharge. Credit cards are billed when the shipment is sent out.

Finally, consumers can access the “Sign up for discounts” box that advertises and offers those on their mailing list discounted prices and special perks for signing up for their newsletter.


Overall, Ephedra Warehouse has a positive reputation and they are one of the biggest supplement sites that specializes in carrying legal forms of ephedra extract supplements that have ephedrine alkaloids removed.

They have online sales regularly and you can sometimes find Ephedra Warehouse coupon offers or discount codes online.

Their site is a very good source of user testimonials, before and after results and experience logs with different fat burners and diet pills.

When looking for reputable fat burning, energy promoting, or weight loss supplements research Ephedra Warehouse review comments left by users for reliable and up-to-date information.

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