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Ephedra Supercaps Review – Should You Buy This Fat Burner Online?

Ephedra SupercapsEphedra Supercaps is a brand of dietary supplement that contains ephedra extract as its primary ingredient. This product is promoted as an energizer with potential weight loss benefits.

This dietary supplement is banned in the United States, Canada and the UK because it contains 10 mg of ephedrine alkaloids per capsule. Ephedrine is the active ingredient in the Ephedra plant that increases metabolism and can stimulate the central nervous system.

However, this same ingredient can cause serious side effects, especially if taken in high dosages. Use of Ephedra Supercaps can put increased strain on your heart, lead to high blood pressure and other more serious cardiovascular events.

Ephedra Supercaps are legal in some countries and may be sold online without a prescription. This supplement also contains caffeine anhydrous and green tea extract.

While this ephedra-based fat burner may not be legal in the US, there are other alternatives that are legal because they do not contain the banned ephedrine content. Click here to buy ephedra supplements online legally without a prescription.

  Ephedra Fat Burners

Ephedra Supercaps

What’s in Ephedra Supercaps and where can you find them? There are actually multiple different brands that sell products with a similar name. Some of the products you will see marketed online include:

  • Super Caps
  • Supercaps with Ephedra (or Super Caps with Ephedra)
  • Ephedra Super Caps
  • Super Cap Xtreme

Ephedra Supercaps in various forms are manufactured and sold by numerous manufacturers and vendors around the world. Prices, ingredients, and ratings may vary, which is why comparison-shopping is always recommended.

What’s in Ephedra Supercaps?

Ingredients of Ephedra Supercaps will vary depending on who make it.

One brand sells Ephedra Supercaps that contain 10 mg ephedrine, listing its active ingredients as ephedra sinica.

This seller also markets these Supercaps as having replaced pure ephedra caps, containing 20 mg Ma Huang concentrate – defined as a naturally occurring ephedrine.

Another manufacturer of Ephedra Supercaps markets its product as containing 10 mg “naturally occurring” ephedrine alkaloids per capsule, combined with an 833 mg proprietary formula that contains:

  • Mormon tea (comes from the leaf of the ephedra viridis species, which actually contains low-level alkaloids – ephedra viridis does contain pseudoephedrine, but no ephedrine).
  • Caffeine anhydrous – a dry, powdered form of caffeine. Milligram strength undetermined.
  • Green tea (from leaves)
  • Cayenne
  • Theobromine – an alkaloid of the cacao plant that can act as a vasodilator, heart stimulant, and diuretic.
  • L-Phenylalamine – a synthetic amino acid commonly taken as a mood booster
  • NADH – nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide – a form of niacin, or vitamin B, noted for its participation in chemical formation and generation of energy.
  • Jaborandi – an herbal product often used to create homeopathic remedies, primarily in folk medicine usage for the treatment of diarrhea and to promote sweating. In regard to its use by dieters or athletes it is believed that this ingredient can increase thermogenesis or heat production, and as a result, a person would experience the sweating side effect.

  Ephedra Extract For Sale

Where to Buy Online

Finding Ephedra Supercaps is not difficult. Simply type the name into your favorite browser search bar to view a number of options for sales. Among the top search website responses include:

  • Dietpillswithephedra.com
  • ephedra.nu
  • azarius.se
  • shayanashop.com

Note that the extensions on several of these websites apply to foreign countries, many of which may be less than stellar in regard to not only service, but product quality, legitimate ingredients, accurate marketing and labeling, and overall safety of the product.
Any Ephedra Supercap product that contains actual ephedrine alkaloids is considered adulterated and banned by the FDA. They regulate the ingredient ephedrine as a drug, which means it cannot be included in dietary supplements.

You will not be able to buy this product in the United States. Other versions of ephedra diet pills that are legal in the USA have had their ephedrine alkaloids removed.

Vendors will typically replace the alkaloids with other ingredients that have stimulant-like properties to make up for the loss of this thermogenic compound. However, there are debates about the safety of the altered formulas as well.

Dosage Recommendations

Dosage recommendations for one type of Ephedra Supercaps products is to take one capsule daily. No additional instructions on usage are found, such as the best time to take it or whether to take it with food or on an empty stomach.

Product information on one of the sites selling the product does state that the amount of caffeine included in the product equates to consumption of anywhere between two to three cups of coffee, meaning 95 mg to 285 mg caffeine.

The caffeine alone can provide a number of stimulative effects. Additional sources of caffeine are cautioned against in order to reduce potential for side effects. Some people are more susceptible to the stimulative effects of caffeine and other herbal products than others, so starting out at the lower dosage range is always recommended.

The usage instructions provided by another seller states that their product is designed for occasional use only and is not intended to be used as a substitute for sleep, which implies that it does produce a good jolt of energy or alertness based on its ingredients.

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Benefits vs. Side Effects

With any ephedra product, there is the risk for side effects and adverse reactions. This is true for any other stimulative ingredients commonly combined with Ephedra Supercaps or other energy-producing, fat-burning, and weight loss supplements.

The alkaloids derived from the Ephedra plant have been banned from human consumption in dietary supplements because they have caused serious health dangers and have led to fatalities in some cases.

Use of an ephedra product is contraindicated if you’re taking and MAOI inhibitors for depression. It’s also contraindicated for those taking antianxiety medications, whether those medications are prescribed or over-the-counter or herbal in nature.

Any individual diagnosed with a medical condition such as diabetes, cardiovascular issues, or metabolic/hormonal disorders should use with caution.

Some individuals combine Ephedra Supercaps or other pill products with low milligram strengths of ephedrine and/or pseudoephedrine found in a number of pharmacy products.

Such products can include asthma medications and sinus or decongestant tablets. This combination can also create problems, especially due to the amount of caffeine in the supplements.


While the benefits of Ephedra Supercaps can be beneficial for some, especially in regard to energy promotion and minimal to moderate weight loss or fat burn (most commonly noted in individuals with an already relatively lean body mass), the potential for side effects are undeniable.

While the ingredients listed on the Ephedra Supercaps product may differ slightly among sellers, most of the ingredients are promised to promote energy, which is perceived to also increase metabolism. However, an increase in metabolism does not always equate to an equal level of weight loss or fat burn.

The body itself, based on energy needs, activities, body composition, and diet, determines how energy is utilized. For some, supplements are not going to make much of a difference on weight or fat burn, although the energy promotion will be noted by most users.

Before purchasing Ephedra Supercaps from any source, do your homework and research the seller, where they come from, and their country of manufacture. As most are aware, some countries have abysmally low standards in regard to manufacturing, quality, and labeling practices.

  Ephedra Fat Burners
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