Want to Buy Ephedrine Online? Get the FACTS Before You Purchase…

Buy EphedrineBefore you buy ephedrine, be familiar with what it is, areas where it comes from, and of course, legalities of use.

Ephedrine alkaloids were banned in the US in 2004. Many other countries followed suit. A number of locations offer cheap ephedrine for sale, mainly online, but you should be aware that buying this drug from international pharmacy vendors could have both health and legal ramifications.

Before you buy ephedrine pills from anyone, know the difference between products, how it is used in them, or whether the “pure ephedrine” you’re buying from a seller in another country is the real deal, and whether or not it’s even safe to take.

This drug is a Controlled Substance in the United States and its sale is highly restricted. While legal for some purposes, such as in bronchodilator medications, it is not legal to be promoted in weight loss supplements.

However, the herb from which it is derived – Ephedra Sinica extract – is legal in over-the-counter diet pills so long as it does not contain any of this banned alkaloid.

Here is everything you need to know about sales of ephedrine and ephedra in different forms.

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Ephedrine 101

Ephedrine is defined as a phenethylamine with a chemical formation or structure that is similar to amphetamines in regard to its behaviors on the body. It’s also described as an alpha and beta-adrenergic agonist that also has the potential to stimulate the release of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter in the brain.

It’s noted for its ability to help individuals lose weight, promote energy, and for some, enhance athletic performance. Before you buy however, do your homework and research.

In medical scenarios, ephedrine has long been used as a treatment for lung and breathing conditions caused by asthma, rhinitis, colds, and even flu bugs. Today, depending on brand and geographical location, ephedrine may be found in a number of popular cold, asthma, and cough products. Among them: Primatene, Bronkaid, and Sudafed, just to name a few.

Before you buy ephedrine however, be aware of how it acts specifically on the body to either promote weight loss, enhance oxygenation, to increase energy, or potentially improve physical or athletic performance.

Alpha and beta-adrenergic receptors influence the production of energy. They also trigger certain responses in the body. Primarily, they behave as sympathomimetic amines, meaning that they influence the sympathetic nervous system, a part of the central nervous system.

The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for the controls of certain functions that we have no influence over. These functions include:

  • Heart rate and pumping functions
  • Respiration
  • Digestion
  • Metabolism – specifically in how energy is produced (calories from food nutrients, fat storage, or when desperate, from muscle)

As such, ephedrine affects alpha adrenergic receptors, as well as beta-one and beta-two adrenergic receptors. All of them are known as sympathetic receptors and are found in arterial vessels.

This is how they work: alpha receptors are triggered or influenced by the presence of norepinephrine. In such scenarios, constriction of the arteries occurs. This arterial constriction increases blood pressure. That blood pressure improves blood flow returning to the heart. Blood returning to the heart is deoxygenated, so the faster that the oxygenated blood passes through the pulmonary system and is oxygenated, the better.

Ephedrine affects beta-one receptors as well. These receptors are located in the heart muscle tissue. When these receptors are stimulated, the heart rate speeds up. These receptors also have an influence on the way the heart contracts, increasing the force of those contractions.

Beta-2 receptors are found in the lung airwaves (bronchi and bronchioles). Beta-2 receptors effect the airways by causing them to dilate or widen, increasing the intake of oxygen into the blood, and therefore into the skeletal muscles as well.

So, the primary effects of ephedrine increase blood pressure, increase oxygenation, and increase heart rate, which is often associated with increased metabolism – all of these factors can influence strength, endurance, metabolism, and how the body utilizes nutrients in calories.

Increased metabolism is also perceived to increase thermogenesis or heat production in the body. This too is believed to enhance fat burn. Thermogenesis occurs naturally in humans, and primarily defines the production of heat as the body burns calories for fuel. Certain chemical reactions in the body also produce thermogenesis. Exercise enhances thermogenesis as well.

Note: Individuals looking to buy ephedrine for weight loss, increased energy, or other reasons should be aware that an increased heart rate does not always equate to increased metabolism. For example, an increased metabolism doesn’t tend to do much good unless some type of activity is taking place.

For the above reasons, ephedrine was one of the most popular components to ephedrine-based weight-loss products that were available on store shelves around the world before the ephedra ban of 2004.

Since then, ephedrine is not legal in weight loss or dietary supplements today in most countries around the world. So where do you find it?

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Where to Buy Ephedrine

When looking to buy ephedrine, the geographical location will play a huge role in your ability to find it legally. Of course, underground labs and black-market resources are always available for any type of popular drug product, and the same holds true for ephedrine.

A number of websites online claim to have pure ephedrine for sale, no questions asked. In such cases, ephedrine price points and quality will differ greatly. One of the primary sources of “under the table” purchases of ephedrine is Asia, and most specifically, China.

While ephedrine cost considerations typically apply when browsing, do be aware of quality when venturing toward such resources. In many cases, you can buy ephedrine from Asia, India, and other countries around the world in a tea form, packaged as original ephedra and hence a number of its alkaloids, including ephedrine as its primary component.

You can buy ephedrine from China and you can buy ephedrine from Pakistan, but the species of the ephedra plant, growing region, and harvesting timeframe will also influence the potency and the efficacy of the alkaloids.

Remember, not every ephedra plant species contains ephedrine or pseudoephedrine in equal amounts, or even to the same degree of potency.

Consumers should know that ephedrine is still found in a number of over-the-counter products, even though many of those products are no longer available in the “public” pharmacy section. They must be purchased from behind the counter of a pharmacy.

The potency or milligram strength of the ephedrine found in such products differs greatly depending on country regulations. Product availability is also dependent upon supply and demand.

While the greatest majority of over-the-counter products, or at least those you can buy without a prescription, are found in asthma medications or cold/flu/cough medicines. It’s also found in liquid form, mainly for hospital used during surgical procedures.

Ephedrine Cost Considerations

Ephedrine cost considerations will always depend on supply and demand, in addition to where it’s purchased. Potential purchasers looking for genuine ephedrine products should always take the time to turn the bottle around and look at the list of ingredients.

Sellers from around the world, many of them found on eBay and Amazon, claim to be selling ephedrine. However, when looking at the ingredients of some of these products, there is no actual ephedrine to be found.

Bottom line: Caveat emptor – Let the buyer beware.

When it comes to ephedra products today, be aware that the majority have replaced the ephedrine with other stimulative ingredients that have primarily the same effect on the body as ephedrine.

One of these ingredients is Bitter Orange, otherwise known as Citrus aurantium. Bitter Orange contains p-synephrine, which has much the same effect on the body as ephedrine and is likened to adrenaline.

Cheap Ephedrine at Pharmacies

Can you buy Ephedrine at Walmart? A number of products containing ephedrine are available at Walmart. Not all Walmart stores will carry the same products or availability depending on supply and demand of the area.

Among the more common products where you can buy ephedrine at Walmart, or ephedrine at CVS, ephedrine at Walgreens, or even ephedrine at Target will be found in some type of asthma medication or over-the-counter cold remedy.

The most popular products containing ephedrine today include:

  • Sudafed, marketed as a long-lasting nasal decongestant
  • Primatene tablets (Primatene Mist has been discontinued in the US) – this product is marketed as a bronchial asthma relief tablet
  • Bronkaid – although this product may be more popular in European countries than the US, it is still available in some locations

Milligram strength or amount of ephedrine found in over-the-counter products is not particularly high, and ephedrine price points are relatively inexpensive. For example, Sudafed is available in a number of products:

  • For congestion, Sinus Sudafed PE congestion tablets contain phenylephrine HCl (10 mg) and cost average about $8 including tax. The box contains 18 small, round tablets)
  • Sinus Sudafed Pressure and Pain averages about $7 including tax. The box contains 24 white coated caplets and 5 mg of phenylephrine HCl and 200 mg of guaifenesin.
  • Sudafed 12-Hour contains pseudoephedrine hydrochloride and is available in extended release tablets, but the item is no longer available in a number of Walmart stores around the country.
  • Sudafed PE Pressure Plus Pain contains phenylephrine HCl (5 mg) and costs an average of $6 (24 caplets)

Be aware that a number of the sinus, cold, and flew medications contain phenylephrine HCl and guaifenesin. Guaifenesin is an expectorant, commonly found in cough and cold remedies.

Ephedrine at Walmart, ephedrine at Walgreens, and ephedrine at Rite Aid stores are similar to those found in pharmacies in the United States and in other countries.

Primatene tablets contain ephedrine HCl as a bronchodilator component, and guaifenesin as an expectorant component. Primatene tablets are generally available in boxes of 60; they’re round, yellowish tablets, but, surprisingly, the milligram strength isn’t noted on available views of many of these products online.

However, the dosage information does provide a clue regarding milligram strength. It states that the dosage recommendations for adults is to take one to two tablets every four hours as needed. It does specify that one tablet contains 12.5 mg, making two tablets contain 25 mg. The box does warn not to take more than 12 tablets (equating to 150 mg) in a 24-hour time frame.

Primatene (60 count box of tablets) averages $10 at Walmart, and will be a similar price at other pharmacies.

Generic brands are also available.

While some of the above listed products including the Sudafed don’t mention ephedrine HCl as a component, it does mention phenylephrine, which also acts not only as a decongestant, but a vasoconstrictor.

In this way, it does behave much like ephedrine, and is found in a number of products available for the treatment of congestion as well as hemorrhoids. Phenylephrine belongs to the drug class of alpha adrenergic agonists. As mentioned earlier in the article, this means that it causes constriction of the arteries, increasing blood pressure and increasing blood flow back to the heart for oxygenation.

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Dosage Recommendations for Ephedrine

Before you buy ephedrine or any product containing ephedrine at CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, or any other pharmacy, look to the instructions on the product.

Dosage recommendations for ephedrine content in milligrams contained in any given product will also be determined by local governments.

What Should I Know about Legalities?

Legalities in regard to the sale of ephedrine or products containing ephedrine differ around the world. In the US, requirements for purchase or sale of any product containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine are found by state as well as country legislation.

Consumers should be aware that products containing pseudoephedrine have been limited, and are now found behind the counter at pharmacies due to the prevalence of individuals using the products to manufacture methamphetamine.

Since 2006, pseudoephedrine is only available by purchasing it from the pharmacy counter, and purchase amounts are regulated and limited. When you’re looking to buy ephedrine or pseudoephedrine products, be prepared to show photo ID.

According to the regulation, the pharmacy and the store may also be mandated to keep personal identification information on those who purchase such products for a minimum of two years. [1]

These regulations are in place in spite of the fact that pseudoephedrine product usage may or may not require a prescription for respiratory allergies or for the relief of sinus or nasal congestion. In fact, while pseudoephedrine can still be purchased from the pharmacy counter, it is carefully monitored.

Consumers should know that even Sudafed products differ from one another. “Regular” Sudafed is different than Sudafed PE. Pseudoephedrine is found in Sudafed, while phenylephrine is the active ingredient of Sudafed PE. In recent years, manufacturers have begun reformulating products to exclude ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and other potentially dangerous ingredients.

In Canada, regulations specify that ephedrine content in medicinal preparations such as nasal decongestants are restricted to 8 mg per dose. The recommended maximum dosage is 32 mg a day.

Health Canada is concerned that even low doses of products containing ephedrine, when combined with caffeine, can amplify its effects, up to and increasing the “ephedrine effect” anywhere between 30 mg and 80 mg, which is often done by individuals seeking accelerated weight loss and enhanced physical performance. [2]

As of 2002, criminal code regulations of Australia have deemed ephedrine and pseudoephedrine as controlled precursors in various quantities. For example, commercial quantities of ephedrine are limited to 1.2 kg, while marketable quantities are limited to 400 g in regard to both ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. [3]

Usage and Safety

Usage and safety in regard to ephedrine dosages has been a growing concern among medical practitioners and government agencies around the world for decades. Before you buy ephedrine, be aware of the legalities of use in your geographical location.

Before purchasing ephedrine at Walgreens, ephedrine at Walmart, or cheap ephedrine online from a seller on eBay, be aware of the legalities of receiving such products through the mail or over international borders.

Always follow recommendations on package labels. First timers should consider splitting the dosage and half to determine how the body responds to it. Sensitivity and tolerance levels as well as age, body composition, and usage will play a huge role in not only potential results, but efficacy as well as side effects.

While pseudoephedrine and ephedrine use by themselves in moderate amounts will not tend to cause alarming side effects, combinations with caffeine or other stimulants may exacerbate the potential for increased risk of use.

Mixing an ephedrine alkaloid with any form of caffeine, whether caffeine anhydrous or other herbal products, is what tends to cause the more common side effects associated with use:

  • Pounding heart
  • Heart palpitations
  • Jitteriness (this jitteriness is most commonly noted in the hands, which can tremble, caused by fine motor movement due to the stimulation of nerves)
  • A sense of nervousness or anxiety
  • Headaches – some can be quite severe. Headaches are caused by the construction of blood vessels in the scalp and those that supply the brain tissues.
  • Nausea – because ephedrine affects the sympathomimetic system (and digestion), it may also behave as an appetite suppressant. This is the body’s way to responding to that surge of neurotransmitters involved in the body’s fight or flight response. The body will amplify certain functions – such as cardiovascular function – while decreasing others in order to prepare the body for this response. One of those lesser required functions is appetite and digestion.

While ephedrine may prove beneficial in some medical treatment scenarios, the effects of ephedra alkaloids, including ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, can also have more serious effects on the body, especially involving cardiovascular function.

According to Harvard Health, hundreds of dangerous, adverse reactions have been reported with use of ephedra, linked to its alkaloids. Some include heart attack, seizures, strokes, and even death.

While not everyone will experience negative side effects of ephedrine, be aware of the potential side effects before you buy ephedrine anywhere or in any milligram strength. This is true with any milligram strength, especially when combined with other stimulative ingredients, as is often found in an ECA stack.

Ephedrine should not be used without first consulting with a doctor. Use extra caution if you have a history of cardiovascular disease or risk factors related to this disease.

Use is contraindicated for individuals with high blood pressure (hypertension), kidney disease (renal failure), potassium imbalance, seizures, thyroid dysfunction (hyperthyroidism), or glaucoma.

Do not take if you have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression or other psychiatric conditions as it can exacerbate symptoms. Do not use if you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant or breastfeeding. This drug should not be used by individuals under the age of 18.

Do not take ephedrine tablets if you are currently being prescribed medications to treat any health conditions without first consulting a qualified doctor. It may interact with beta blockers, allergy remedies, asthma treatments, stimulants, QT-prolonging drugs, antidepressants, or MAO inhibitor drugs.

Watching for Side Effects

Because ephedrine, no matter where you buy it, can cause a number of side effects and adverse reactions, individuals should be aware of what to watch for when taking any product containing ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, or combinations of those two components (and others) with caffeine.

Because in most locations, products containing ephedrine and pseudoephedrine must be obtained from the pharmacy counter, you’re likely to be asked by the pharmacist how you’re using it. He or she will also either verbally warn or provide a drug information fact sheet that cautions against combining with caffeine or other stimulants.

The reason for this is because of the negative effect that overstimulation caused by such products and combinations of products can have on the cardiovascular system.


A number of studies have been conducted showing that ephedrine is limited in its efficacy in promoting weight loss. It can be effective for those looking to lose a few pounds, but in other studies, some going as long as six months, only modest and short-term weight loss was achieved.

The average for most users when using ephedrine is approximately 1 to 2 kg or pounds lost per month when using ephedrine over those who don’t. [4]

When you buy ephedrine and combine it with caffeine or other stimulants, some increased benefits in that weight loss can be achieved, but again, with an increased risk of side effects, some of which may be catastrophic.

When it comes to where to buy ephedrine, always be aware of milligram strength, recommendations for use, and most importantly, quality. Adverse events linked to ephedrine and other ephedra alkaloids can involve numerous body systems, from the cardiovascular to the central nervous, and the psychological. Use with discretion.

Not every person who wants to buy ephedrine for personal reasons will experience side effects or adverse reactions, but always be aware of the potential for such reactions. They can – and do – happen.

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